Summer 2014 to Spring 2015

Ph.D. Dissertation



EVT Thesis: Master/Ed Specialist

Spring 2013 to Spring 2014

Submit as qualifying exam. Plans are to publish thesis titled:

"Technology Literacy Skills Needed in Further Education and/orWork: A Delphi Study of High School Graduates' Perspectives"



Fall 2013

TECH/507 Technology Integration for Educators


Spring 2012/Summer 2012

ECT 7910 Directed Research: Vocational Education

Qualifying Exam


Fall 2011

EDF 7410 Design of Systematic studies in Education

EME 6936Interactive Media


Spring 2010

EDF 7408 Statistical analysis in education II
EDF6432.791S11: Foundations Of Measurement

Fall 2010

EDF 6407 Statistical analysis in education I

    Memory Paper

EME 7938 Computer-Augmented Instructional Paradigns in Education

    Digital Portfolios Presentation

    Dissertation Proposal


Spring 2010

EVT 6656 Equity and access in the new economy


EVT 7267 Vocational and Adult Ed Program Plan and Implementation


Summer 2010

EDG 7931 Comparative study of CWE systems

    Studied abroad in Germany for two weeks.

    Comparison Study-Second Chance Programs

    Germany's CWE systems PowerPoint

    Visited Germany's Immigration Center and Indra, where the Beatles first played

    Toured Beck's Beer, Airabus, Bremen's Chamber of Commerce


EDF 6606 Socioeconomic Foundations of American Education

    Comparison Study


Fall 2009

EME 7458 

Res Distance Lrng 

EVT 7168 

Inst Dev Voc/Tech/Adult Ed 


Summer 2009

EME 6936: Internet in Education

ADE7169.799C09:  Instructional Development

Spring 2009

EDG 7931

EVT 7761

Appl Developmental Theories


Fall 2008

EVT 7066 -Dr. Bill Blank

Foundations of Career and Workforce Education

Economy & Labor Market -Student Collaborative Project

Youths Transitioning to work

Second Chance Programs


EME 6425-Dr. Susan Zucker

Technology School Management

New Acceptability Policy-designed for students and parents understanding the use of the Internet and computer use.

Excel Research Paper

PowerPoint Research Paper

DDDM Research Paper

Digital Portfolio Collaborative Group Project

Capstone Project-Best Buy Grant


Summer 2007

ADM/504 Public School Law