Chiefland High School

2009-2010 Teacher of the Year

Business Education Teacher

Academy Program Director, Technology Coordinator, Certiport Administrator, and Ready to Work Site Manager at Chief land High School

Levy County, Chief land, FL


College of Central Florida

Computer Adjunct Instructor

August 2011 to present

Levy Campus

Chiefland, Florida 32626





I have been teaching fourteen years and over the years I have learned so much about education and technology. I have developed skills in both that is overwhelming, but I always want to learn more. 

 My professional goal is to pursue a higher education and an expert level in the field of  Career and Workforce Education with a specialty in Instructional Technology. As I look back over the years I have developed a progression of knowledge and skills that have benefited me, as well as fit together as building blocks for me to pursue my Ph. D. in career and workforce education and instructional technology at USF.  My past and present life work experiences give me the knowledge and a personal connection to all fields related to technology and education. Through this I can incorporate my desire to create realistic goals toward the future of our educational system through instructional technology.

 My professional and personal goals continue to work well together, as well as my strong desire to pursue my doctorate in Career and Workforce Education.  Both lives are very rewarding goals in efforts to change my life, my family life, and the life of others.


Ph.D in Career and Workforce Education

Curriculum and Instruction

Instructional Technology

USF, Florida

Education Specialist in Vocational Education (ED.S)

USF, Florida

M.A. in Career and Technical Education, 8/2007

USF, Florida

 B.S. in Economics/Accounting, 5/1986

SUCO, New York

 A.A.S in Accounting/Business Management, 5/1982

SUNY, New York


I design and maintain the Chiefland High School, Middle School and Levy County Career and Technical websites, as well as have my own business called Creative Multimedia Designs.  My experience with computers is outstanding, whether it is to troubleshoot computers or manipulating software.  I thoroughly enjoy what I do.  For more information about me visit my website at, it includes my professional portfolio, MA portfolio, Ph. D portfolio, and my (under construction) CTE Connections website.